Know your curl type: If you aren't sure we found a cheeky little quiz to help you here.

Try Co-Washing: What is co-washing? Conditioner washing. Textured hair has a natural tendancy to be drier than straighter hair types. The natural oils created by the scalp have a harder time nvaigating the twists and turns. All conditioners have a small amount of gentle cleansers and should be used more than shampoo to clean curly hair. 

Stay Away from Silicones: You can find these ingredients on product labels. Many Silicones are synthetic additives that are not water soluble, making them harder to wash out. The end result is a yucky build up on your hair and scalp. 

Trade your towel for a t-shirt: Drying your hair with a T-shirt will greatly reduce frizz and breakage after washing. Since T-shirts aren't as absorbent getntly squeeze your hair out before drying but never twist it.

Seal the cuticle: Frizz cream seals the cuticle of each hair so humiidity can't get in. You only need a 5p sized amount of serum to do the trick.



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Have you been toying with the idea of getting your hair colored, but the actual coloring process scares you? Then keep scrolling to learn about a new in-salon service that should quell your fears: SMARTBOND, by L'Oréal Professionnel!

SMARTBOND: added security for both you and your hairstylist
The most important thing to know about getting your hair colored at the salon is that your hairstylist wants you to be pleased with the end result and have the most comfortable experience possible. Your hair's fibers can become sensitized from overusing hot tools or from previously dying your hair a different color, so it's important to take precautions when getting your mane dyed a new shade.

SMARTBOND lets your hairstylist safely color your hair, giving you reassurance that you're in good hands. SMARTBOND helps strengthen broken bonds that already exist in your hair and also protects your locks during the bleaching and coloring process. Your hair's fibers will be healthy and the new color will look bright and beautiful! 






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