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Q: I have got fine hair but would like to keep up with trends and add some volume. How might I achieve this?

A: There are products and techniques you can you to create volume. The Brocato Swell Volume Shampoo has key ingrefients such as Grape Vine and seeds, which are designed to give fullness and maintain all day shine with extra volume and bounce.

If you have medium to longer length hair you can set your hair into rollers. Once hair is fully dried. take the rollers out turn your hair upside down and toss hair. Heated rollers are a great quick fix to add curl and bounce for a night out.



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Kera Care Essential Oil
Absorbs easily without leaving a heavy, greasy build-up. Leaves hair healthy & vibrant. Suitable for all hair textures from natural to chemically treated hai


Q: I do a lot of sports and fitness and I would like to know what the best way is to maintain healthy hair.

A: We would always encourage to wash your hair frequently, as a build up of sweat ,salts and dirt can prevent the scalp from breathing this will slow hair growth and you will find the hair will look dull and lifeless. If you do a lot of swimming we recommend the use of a purifying and cleansing shampoo to remove chlorine form the hair. along with a good moisturising conditioner.
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Q: I have been relaxing my hair for years and would like to try the permanent blow-dry that everyone is going on about. Is this just a fashion phase or does it really help promote hair growth, or should I just stick to relaxing my hair.

A: As everyone has different texture hair, we do always recommend a full consolation with your hair stylist. However we have found that this new treatment does repair and strengthen hair. It does this by sealing hair cuticles with keratin, a natural product found already in our hair and nails.